We eat a lot of oatmeal in our house. All winter long it is only McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oats, cooked slow overnight in my cute Crockette. But in summer, I need a different approach to getting my oats—something cool and creamy and fast. So, from June to September, I switch to overnight oats, taking full advantage of summer fruits. In this case, in honor of the June Strawberry Moon, I created a play on traditional banana splits to whip up a nutritious, easy-to-prepare breakfast that’s loaded with market strawberries.

Of course, my beloved McCann’s won’t work for overnight oats, so I turn to Bob’s Red Mill whole grain rolled oats, which really have a lovely consistency when prepared this way. At the end of the post I’ll link to other overnight oat recipes so that you can be creative all summer long with this super quick and easy, make-ahead healthy breakfast. But for now, consider the banana split—ice cream (think coconut milk), chocolate (think cacao), caramel (think a combo of molasses and local honey)….you get the idea. Processors ready!!


I really can’t think of a better breakfast for summer. It will travel well, if you are on the go, and it tastes so wonderful on hot summer days. There is simply no need to grab unhealthy fast food when this speedy option is so accessible and flexible. For other ideas on overnight oats, see my recipes for Overnight Goat Oats made with fresh local goats’ milk (or your milk of choice) or Organizer Overnight Oats for all busy people who need extra protein…or not-so-busy people who just love great food because it tastes delicious. There really are no rules here, other than making sure the raw oats soak at least eight to 12 hours so that they become safely digestible. Be creative! Be brave! Enjoy summer!