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Feast and Famine, Waste and Want

Delicious Living authors Lisa Truesdale and Jenna Blumenfeld recently wrote a series of articles about hunger in the U.S. Their research and resources make one thing perfectly clear: there are two main barriers that stand in the way of healthy food for all: lack of access to good food (either because of geography or lack of funds) and careless waste of good, plentiful food (by individuals, the US government and the commercial food industry). Inaccessibility and Waste are nearly inseparable partners in crime.

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The 2017 Christmas Box

My 2017 Christmas box contains a combination of old favorites and new surprises. Green Gal Granola is an annual “must-include”; my homemade citrus salt is making a repeat appearance from last year; and I’ve created another set of homemade cards, using leftover papers and previously sent cards for my designs. Back by popular demand is my special fruited chocolate bark, too. But there are some new items, as well, including a too-die-for gluten-free cookie, some special holiday items from the folks at New Hope Blogger Network’s Blogger Box and local artist finds from potter John Boss and Chad and Felicia of Mississippi Mud Pottery.

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Trick or Treat? What’s in Your Pumpkin?

So this year, I decided to let Heather take the Green Gal taste test challenge on Halloween goodies. My choices come from the New Hope Blogger Box selections that I started reviewing and recommending last month. Remember the Artisan Fermented Honey from Glorybee Foods?

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Simple-y Super Honey Recipes

OK, so maybe “homemade condiment” doesn’t sound all that simple to you, but… be brave. If you read along on this blog, you’ve come across my recipe for Harissa, an easy-to-make homemade condiment, which stores weeks in the frig and can turn anything from ordinary scrambled eggs to basic soup into something spectacular in the blink of an eye. Well, now—thanks to an article in the August issue of FEAST Magazine (page 56)—there’s a new favorite from-scratch condiment in the Green Gal kitchen… Z’hug. Huh?

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Planting Seeds for Taking Simple Steps Toward Big Change

Climate Change is a BIG deal, and it is overwhelming for most of us. We often feel there’s no point in trying to stop it—it’s just too big, complex and frightening. And that feeling of “there’s no point in trying” is our worst enemy. So don’t give up.

Knowledge is power, and once you learn some facts about Climate Change, you can figure out solutions to its problems. The Delicious Living Magazine interview below with Tracy Misiewicz, the associate director of science programs for The Organic Center, will get you started. Then keep reading and discover Delicious Living’s nine simple steps you can take in your own kitchen to combat Climate Change.

How Organic Farming Impacts Clim

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Choosing a Mindful and Healthy Path of Your Own

My recent road trip to Daydream Farm and Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville, IL offered more than the sweet, tender asparagus and rich artisan cheeses that went into my Asparagus and Caramelized Onion Quiche. These visits left me reenergized and feeling highly connected to the food I put on my family’s table and to the wonderful folks who provide that food. We all need that—connection to nature and moments of calm, but how often do we find it? The once-a-year vacation? The weekly trip (maybe) to the local farmers market? A family meal with everyone at the table—how many times a week does that happen?

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Be My Healthy Valentine!

Now, now. There’s nothing wrong with champagne and a decadent dessert on a special occasion, but let’s think outside that chocolate box just a little. Let me tug at your heartstrings with a Juiced-Up Cocktail and some Green Gal Good-For-You-and-Over-The-Top Dark Chocolate Bark.

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It was Christmas…. 1965

  In the silence of a snowy December morning, Sylvia sipped her tea and watched with trepidation the weather on the other side of the kitchen window. She had planned this shopping day for more than a month… one day to get the presents for her six little ones. Well,...

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Stumped for a Gift? Let Them Eat Christmas Cake!

We all have one… the elderly neighbor, the second cousin we see only once a year, the cranky aunt, our best friend’s mom who is suddenly flying in from the coast. These are the impossible-to-buy-for people still on our lists. And, it’s already December 18! There’s no time, not much money and absolutely not a clue what they’d like. So I say, it’s time to bake a cake.

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Close to Home for the Holidays: Persimmon Snickerdoodles and Sweet-Hot Nuts

I really have a very short gift list for the holidays, and most of what I give is food I’ve made or bought locally to share. So I love it when what I have to give is something a little special, something unexpected. That’s how I feel about my Persimmon Snickerdoodles and Sweet n’ Hot Nut Mix, both of which draw most of their ingredients from local food.

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Okay, I’ll Try Okra!

Here we are at the very end of the market season. The Land of Goshen Community Market held its final market day on October 15; other local farmer’s markets will follow suit in a couple of weeks or so. Hugs, kisses, tears and best wishes for the coming winter abounded on our last day. Community. It is what I will miss most about the market over the winter. But I couldn’t let the season end without an act of bravery; I finally started cooking with okra (A vegetable I have avoided for years.) during the final market countdown and landed on three recipes: two are passable and one was a standout.

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