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Simple-y Super Honey Recipes

OK, so maybe “homemade condiment” doesn’t sound all that simple to you, but… be brave. If you read along on this blog, you’ve come across my recipe for Harissa, an easy-to-make homemade condiment, which stores weeks in the frig and can turn anything from ordinary scrambled eggs to basic soup into something spectacular in the blink of an eye. Well, now—thanks to an article in the August issue of FEAST Magazine (page 56)—there’s a new favorite from-scratch condiment in the Green Gal kitchen… Z’hug. Huh?

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Grilled Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa

So I’m wondering… Are tomatillos typically in your shopping basket? Unless you shop at a farmers market, work in a nice restaurant or have great passion for Mexican food, probably not. They do show up in supermarkets, but it’s rare. And what a shame.

Tomatillos are a cousin to the tomato, though their taste is not as sweet—it’s tart and citrusy, and the flesh is firm. And then there’s that cute little paper lantern they wear. They are a key ingredient in salsa verdé and many other Mexican dishes. For my Green Gal version, I decided to lightly grill the tomatillos so that they would soften and get just a little syrupy and sweet.

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Frittering the Summer Away…

Yes I have been frittering my summer away, and I mean that literally. I’ve been experimenting with market veggies all summer long, turning them into different versions of a basic fritter. And they are frittering fantastic, if I do say so myself. The beauty of these...

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Southwest Rhubarb Sauce

Say the word “rhubarb” and people swoon. They are either enchanted or repelled. Either way they come close to fainting. I was in the repelled group until last year when I decided to walk my talk about being brave in the kitchen and experimented with rhubarb and ground cherries, turning them into one of the most popular dishes on this blog—Rhubarb and Ground Cherry Chutney.

So this year I went right for enchantment when the rhubarb came in at Biver Farm. But I really wanted to stay away from anything cliché, like a millionth variation on rhubarb-strawberry pie. I’d already made four batches of Fresh Strawberry Oatmeal Cookies, so we were sort of “over” strawberries for a while. I did some digging and noticed how many times rhubarb is somehow paired with pork. (See Don smile.)

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Fresh Strawberry-Oatmeal Cookies

Summer should be a time to slow down, savor the flavors and scents of this glorious, sun-drenched season. But busy-ness seems to know no boundaries. When the world is “too much with us,” when we have that dreaded early-morning meeting, when we have to get dinner on...

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Asparagus and Caramelized Onion Quiche

A recent visit to Daydream Farm and Marcoot Jersey Creamery, both in Greenville, Illinois, provided the inspiration for this rich and satisfying quiche, featuring fresh-picked asparagus and local artisan cheeses. A good quiche can work any time of day, can be made sinfully rich (sort of like this one) or fairly light with adjustments to the fat content in your dairy. A quiche works on a chilly spring day with a bowl of your favorite hot soup or on a warm afternoon with a light salad and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

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Stuffed Skillet Cornbread: The Ultimate, Easy Coffeecake for that Spring Brunch

This is quite the busy month for Green Gal of the Midwest, and it will mean some time away from this blog—say three weeks, maybe. But we’ll talk more about that in a few. For now, I’d like to discuss brunch. I just love brunch. If I have the choice on holidays or other special occasions when I’m in charge of the meal, I always opt for hosting a brunch. Because with brunch, there are no rules!

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Collagen in the Kitchen Cookbook Launch!

A while ago, I was honored to become a member of the New Hope Network Blogger Co-Op, sponsored through Delicious Living Magazine. Among the many privileges and perks I enjoy because I am part of this amazing group of writers and recipe developers, are the many recipes, timely articles and go-green tips that I pass along to my Green Gal readers. There is no way I could add this level of value to my blog posts without the help of Delicious Living Magazine and its parent company New Hope Network. And now, I’m excited to announce that Green Gal of the Midwest is part of a new publication project: Collagen in the Kitchen!

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Time for a Little Sauce-ery in the Green Gal Kitchen

My point is that sometimes it takes a little culinary magic to keep mealtime exciting at the end of winter. So I turn to sauce-ery. In this case, I set about creating two sauces—both of which are vegan and gluten free–that not only work well on their own but also pair very nicely with each other. One is created from red lentils and coconut milk and the other is a combo of tomatoes, garlic, onions and peppers. Both are super easy to make, and I used them to create four different dishes—all with lots of flair but not a lot of fuss.

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Breaking the Rules with a Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

When my daughter was in elementary school, we spent more mornings than I care to admit in a heated battle over breakfast. I was insistent that she eat a “good” breakfast, maintaining that breakfast was truly the most important meal of the day. She, on the other hand,...

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Magic Beans: How a Bowl of Soup Can Save the World

Toni’s 10 Bean Soup Mix is a beautiful array of lentils, green split peas, pearled barley, black beans, black eyed peas, red lentils, navy beans, red chili beans, yellow split peas and cranberry beans. The package also includes a spice packet of dried herbs, dehydrated veggies and spices, with no artificial anything. They help you make the most of your bean mix by providing an easy-to-prepare soup recipe, requiring just a couple extra ingredients from you. But I saw a blank page just beckoning me to get creative. And I did! Here’s the Green Gal take on this Women’s Bean Project best-seller.

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Citrus Salad with A-Peeling Ruby Dressing

Well Happy Valentine’s Day! I think I have a new salad and dressing pairing that will tug at your heartstrings… in a super healthy way. Not only is it delicious, it allows you to be planet-conscious while being health-conscious.

One sure way to tug at my heartstrings is to give me new ideas about eliminating food waste (I know, hopeless romantic). This is nothing new coming from me, right? But I try not to harp on it too often because I realize everybody can only do what they can do. Every effort is valiant. However, when I get the inspiration to turn my compost into delicious recycled food, I gotta share.

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Be My Healthy Valentine!

Now, now. There’s nothing wrong with champagne and a decadent dessert on a special occasion, but let’s think outside that chocolate box just a little. Let me tug at your heartstrings with a Juiced-Up Cocktail and some Green Gal Good-For-You-and-Over-The-Top Dark Chocolate Bark.

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A Super Bowl of Protein-Packed Vegan Chili

Who has not seen chili as a main offering at Super Bowl parties? Who has not overindulged in spicy beans and peppers during Mardi Gras? And you still can with this protein rich, gluten-free, vegan chili that features complex flavors and textures from pumpkin and quality spices to protein-packed adzuki beans and quinoa. And if you really want to, of course you could add some broiled shrimp, grass-fed ground beef and pork or even bacon…ok, maybe a small chunk of Andouille sausage. Just ask Don (sigh). But try it as it is presented here first and see if it lives up to my prediction as a soon-to-be party favorite.

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Close to Home for the Holidays: Persimmon Snickerdoodles and Sweet-Hot Nuts

I really have a very short gift list for the holidays, and most of what I give is food I’ve made or bought locally to share. So I love it when what I have to give is something a little special, something unexpected. That’s how I feel about my Persimmon Snickerdoodles and Sweet n’ Hot Nut Mix, both of which draw most of their ingredients from local food.

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