Cold, wet outside air meets dry indoor heat. It’s a match made…well certainly not in heaven. Chafed skin, brittle nails and peeling cuticles… so how are those busy little hands these days? If yours are like mine in winter, the answer is NOT GOOD. But I have found some help from the New Hope Network Blogger Box and a favorite new company, Herbal Healing.

Herbal Healing is a woman-owned business started by a mom named Judit Beres, who was searching for a product that would soothe her son’s allergy-driven rash. Judit’s son developed environmental allergies, something she never expected, given their clean lifestyle and healthy diet. When her search for an off-the-shelf cure came up empty, she started researching and worked with a professional herbalist to create her own formula, and Herbal Healing was born. Never underestimate the determination and innovation of a mom with a sick child.

Mothers Healing Balm is one of Herbal Healing’s most popular products, a soothing blend of powerful essential oils—calendula, lavender and marshmallow root that is combined with natural witch hazel and ashwagandha. You can use it on wounds, cuts, insect bites and—what got my interest—dry, inflamed skin.

As reported recently by Jessie Rubino, Senior Beauty Editor at New Hope Network, ingredients such as calendula are key to healing cracked knuckles and dry cuticles. Repeated use is critical, she notes, and you won’t find that hard to do with Mothers Healing Balm—it’s so soothing and has such a beautiful botanical scent, you’ll be reaching for it all the time.

One reason this product is so effective is the company’s reliance on cold pressed hemp oil, another super-healer and an ingredient that is in the spotlight continually today. Hemp is a main component in Herbal Healing’s formulas. According to their website: “Hemp oil…contains a balanced ratio of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7 and Omega 9. For skin healing, a type of Omega 6 Gamma Linolenic Acid is especially important because it plays an important role in skin healing and repair.” And if you read this blog regularly, you know the Green Gal is a big hemp promoter.

What makes this product and the company extra special is their commitment to environmental sustainability that includes their recent move to zero-waste packaging. They call it “closing the loop”: “We innovate with, not only what is inside the package, but the packaging itself. We use glass and paper packaging that is environmentally friendly and aligns with our zero waste philosophy.” So don’t let my sample bottle in the photo fool you, Herbal Healing is moving swiftly to compostable paper, zero waste packaging. Mothers know best, right?

In addition to adding Mothers Healing Balm to your cold-weather arsenal, Rubino has some easy-to-do, common sense suggestions that enhance the healing power of Mothers Healing Balm:

  • use a humidifier to keep indoor air moist
  • keep up with the water (I’m guilty of not enough water intake in winter, you?)
  • stop licking those lips and always apply lip balm before heading out in the cold
    (Dry lips may be a sign of vitamin B or zinc deficiency, so adding a supplement might be advisable if this is a chronic complaint)

Oh the weather outside may be frightful, but your skin will be oh so delightful with Herbal Healing and a few smart tips!

Portions of this post were provided by New Hope Network. I am a member of the New Hope Influencer Co-op, a network of health and wellness bloggers committed to spreading more health to more people.”

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