We eat cornbread and polenta often in my house. That cornmeal flavor is a particular favorite of mine—polenta for breakfast, cornbread for dinner and even cornmeal layer cake for dessert! I love the way rich corn flavor plays off other ingredients like maple syrup, spicy sauces and even—you might recall this post—apple pie filling for an amazing stuffed coffee cake.

Jars of Zubi's salsa nd queso with a bag of Bob's Red Mill Organic Corn FlourSo it was sort of a given that once I fell in love with Zubi’s yummy Tex-Mex sauces, I’d eventually use them in a cornmeal recipe. And I did! Well…it wasn’t cornmeal exactly….it was corn flour—lighter, brighter, with strong corn flavor. This recipe really changes the texture of traditional skillet cornbread, turning it more like cake, which allows the Zubi Salsa and Queso to really shine. And it’s easy! Yes, it is. I see that look. Be brave.





Don’t be intimidated when it comes to creating the center layer with the Zubi’s sauces. The steps for creating a flavor-filled center for your Zubi’s Fiesta Cornbread is much easier than it may sound. You can do it!

example of filling the cornbread
There is Everything to Love about Zubi’s

I am an old curmudgeon when it comes to from-scratch cooking, so it’s rare that I rely on store-bought ingredients, and I might have missed these delicious sauces if it had not been for the New Hope Network Blogger Box—so sombreros off to the great folks at New Hope Network. Zubi’s has become a wonderful exception to my “make-it-myself” rule. The Salsa, Queso and Crema show up in my pantry pretty regularly.

It’s not just the taste and quality that first sold me on using these products for my “from-scratch” fish tacos last year, it’s also the company and its incredible owner. Founded in 2017 by Sarah Zubiate, ZUBI’S is a Latina owned business headquartered in Athens, Texas. Success has followed Sarah Zubiate every step of her hardworking way, and I think it is because she has focused her energies on what really matters: organic farming, healthy food, zero waste, and a sustainable approach to farming powered by solar. Ms. Zubiate honors her roots as she honors the Earth that is her close partner in creating these amazing products. Love it! And you will, too.