by Virginia Woulfe-Beili

If there is to be a current of hope, it needs to ride on a renewable wave, a watt that does not harm

A current that runs in both directions to harness the energy of the sun, the force of the wind and the power of the ocean.

A current that does not require scarring the earth, enhanced recovery methods, burning, belching emissions.

A current that honors the health of communities, the quality of our air and water and the integrity of the earth.

A current that doesn’t hatch wars, alter climate patterns, spur famine.

A current that does not discriminate by race, color or creed, income or education level.

A current that the human race honors through conservation, respects by sharing across the globe through a transmission grid that provides and receives.

A current of hope is cursing through Illinois thanks to the passage of the nation leading clean energy policy that is the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. I am proud to be part of the Confluence Climate Collaborative, a small but powerful group of women who not only ponder a current of hope but whose members’ activism aided in the passage of this bill.

So today…how will you harness this current of hope? What action could you take, great or small, to bring us to a brighter future?

Confluence Climate Collaborative logo

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