Heathy? Well there goes romance…

Now, now. There’s nothing wrong with champagne and a decadent dessert on a special occasion, but let’s think outside that chocolate box just a little. Let me tug at your heartstrings with a Juiced-Up Cocktail and some Green Gal Good-For-You-and-Over-The-Top Dark Chocolate Bark.

Shall we start with chocolate? Chocolate is traditional, sexy, scrumptious and has been shown to be good for you… at least in moderation. Can it get any better than that? YES! By adding in some dried superfruits, some raw organic almonds, some spices for that back-of-the-palette explosion and a pinch of hand-harvested sea salt, it can get WAY better.

Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate that is at least 75 to 80 percent cacao, has been in the media for several years as a potential health food. It can improve your heart, boost your brain power and even protect against diabetes. Though it comes with some caveats and some restraints, most experts are convinced that conservative consumption of dark chocolate on a regular basis is good for us.

To help get that daily quota, here is a five-ingredient, 15-minute-prep recipe that will win the heart—and the health—of your special sweetie.


While the recipe should yield approximately 10 servings, my husband will tell you that the recipe yields a single serving. So much for moderation.

Moving on to my vibrant and tangy Juiced-Up Cocktail. And for this, you really must have a fairly decent juicer, not a blender, to make this drink. I have a mid-level machine—a Jack LaLanne Juicer that ran me about $100 way back when. You can buy much fancier ones that will be less trouble to clean, etc., but this works for me. Although, I have to admit, it is “work” to use and clean up. So that cocktail better be darn good, right? Be brave…and if you are considering a juicer, do your homework. It’s been years since I purchased mine, so I’m sure the market has changed. Ready to clink those glasses?

Recipe card for Juiced-Up Cocktail

And there you have it. Two very healthy, very yummy ways to say “I Love You” to your special someone. I’m headed back to the kitchen to make a second batch of chocolate bark. Moderation has clearly gone out the window. How are you saying Happy Valentine’s Day this year?