bottle of Red Duck Mild Taco SauceQuite a while back now, I introduced you to my friend Susan and Susan’s Spectacular Spelt Carrot Cake. I assume by now that you’ve made this incredible cake at least once. So, I thought it was time for another of Susan’s stellar recipes, and this one is on-point to showcase two of my favorite Blogger Box items: Red Duck Taco Sauce and Angelic Bakehouse 7 Sprouted Grains Wraps.

Package of Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted 7 Whole Grains Wraps

Since Susan’s burritos are vegetarian, I thought I’d humor Donald by fixing some chicken for him to stuff in his. But plain chicken would be boring, so I shredded some cooked and deboned chicken thighs, which have a nice mix of light and dark meat, and heated them with ready-to-use Red Duck Taco Sauce. Just right.

Then I substituted traditional burrito shells for these healthy and delicious Angelic Bakehouse Wraps—very tasty!

But what makes these little pouches of veggies off-the-charts delicious is one extra step—grilling. Now it takes some care and attention and a well-oiled grill rack. But you can do it. Be brave.


We really thought these two products performed exceedingly well and helped to take Susan’s burritos from good to great. There’s still plenty of grill time left this fall, so strike that match!