My recent road trip to Daydream Farm and Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville, IL offered more than the sweet, tender asparagus and rich artisan cheeses that went into my Asparagus and Caramelized Onion Quiche. These visits left me re-energized and feeling highly connected to the food I put on my family’s table and to the wonderful folks who provide that food. We all need that—connection to nature and moments of calm, but how often do we find it? The once-a-year vacation? The weekly trip (maybe) to the local farmers market? A family meal with everyone at the table—how many times a week does that happen?

But busy schedules and demanding jobs don’t change the bottom line: we need simple pleasures, family and friends, silence. In the world of nonstop tweets, incessant media feeds, too many hours at work and too few hours of sleep, a morning walking the fields at Daydream Farm or petting a calf less than two days old or just sharing delicious ice cream with friends isn’t just nice… it’s critical to our health and wellbeing. And we know we need it, but we’re not sure how to get it and keep it. Here’s some help:

Delicious Living Magazine has partnered with Organic India to bring you a free, downloadable guide to help you integrate a mindful attitude in several areas of your life, helping you get back and hold onto those peaceful moments and health-giving practices.

Stress Less, Live More promotes “mindfulness,” and mindfulness is the root of awareness and choice, a catalyst for conscious, inspired living, and your guide on a journey of wellness. In this guide you will find:

  • Food as medicine, including delicious recipes!
  • Finding balance with herbs
  • Calming poses and meditation
  • Supporting conscious leadership and mindful practices

You will find this guide easy to access and quick to read. Using it is a small but important step you can take to create calm in a chaotic world for yourself and your family. Mindfulness, in many ways these days, is a road less traveled, but it is the right turn on your personal journey toward better health and happiness.

If I learned only one thing from Bruce Haas and the Marcoot sisters, it would be the importance of connection to the land we live and work on and the food we grow, raise and eat. Most days, we don’t think about that connection because it’s not up close and personal for us the way it is for Bruce and the Marcoots. But it should be a part of our awareness every day. For one thing, it’s good for us to feel this connection. It’s another form of mindfulness.

So wTitle: Celebrating the connection of people and plantshat makes our connection to plants, for instance, so critical? In our environment, plants help to mitigate pollutants from air, soil and water. They help clothe us, feed us and nurture us. They beautify the world around us, and they even make us and our living environments smell nice. They have the power to clean and disinfect—and, the power to heal. Their medicinal qualities are steeped in history, and a resounding body of research supports the integral role plants play in our complete well-being—mind, body and soul.

Plants have forever lived alongside us, feeding our bodies and minds—and appearing in nearly all facets of our lives. Although it’s easy to overlook these silent planet companions, it’s important to honor the ways in which they’ve helped us not only survive but thrive. Delicious Living partnered with Gaia to bring you this e-guide that celebrates the connection of people and plants. In it you’ll learn about:

  • The history of our relationship with plants
  • Plant-based medicine
  • Herbs to thrive

I am very grateful for my own connection as a New Hope Network Blogger to the talented chefs, dedicated researchers and knowledgeable experts who bring us all a wealth of information to improve our physical lives, our planet and spiritual selves…and enrich this blog!

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