Last Friday evening, Don and I picked up our two dozen farm-fresh eggs from the great folks at The Family Garden in New Douglas, IL. It’s always such a happy event—not just because I’m getting top-quality, enviro-friendly eggs practically delivered to my door, but because I love seeing Jackie Mills and her daughter for a few minutes, catching up on what’s happening out at their farm and connecting to this wonderful web of sharing food and caring for the Earth. The fact that I’ve been able to purchase these eggs all winter should make me a very grateful person. And, I am…

But it occurred to me that I’ve been sort of focused recently on what I don’t have. I don’t have the Land of Goshen Community Market (won’t open until May). I don’t have fresh tomatoes or spring sunshine. But that can be a defeatist attitude. Focusing on what I don’t have will just create more of what I don’t have. If I focus on what I do have with gratitude, more of what I want is sure to come my way. Like these eggs…

Another gift I am incredibly grateful for came just a little bit after the holidays. My friend Deb got me a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated for Christmas. I’ve been devouring (pun!) the first two issues and in the latest one there’s a fabulous recipe for my eggs. This is a winner and won’t these be pretty on the Easter brunch table? See if you agree.


One thing about the above recipe, Cook’s Illustrated ran the recipe as part of an article on the best way to hard cook eggs for flawless, easy peeling. I tried the method that placed cold eggs via a steamer basket into boiling water, then covered, reduced the heat and cooked for 13 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, per the recipe, I quickly immersed the eggs into an ice bath for 15 minutes. They were the most easy-peel eggs ever, but, to me, they seemed over-cooked, with that tell-tale greenish ring just forming along the edge of the yolk. Perhaps I need more practice with this method. In the end, they were delicious, so perhaps the method is moot.

If you are like me, you grew up taking cold water containing cold eggs to a boil, cooking one minute, then placing a lid on the pot and turning off the heat to let the eggs steep for 10 minutes. It’s an almost foolproof recipe for perfect hard-cooked eggs, but sometimes they are really hard to peel and can end up looking sort of battered. What’s your hard-cooked egg secret? Love to hear about it.

Egg delivery on Friday evening

We are so lucky to get fresh farm eggs delivered right here in town. Many thanks to The Family Garden, where chickens roam free and happy and lay incredible eggs.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about my idea of focusing on what you have rather than what you don’t have, check out sources for the Law of Attraction. The Law states that like attracts like. So if you focus on all the things you have and love, you’ll get more. It is that simple and that difficult, all at once. What great things do you attract into your life… always good to share.