While I am usually encouraging you to fill your bowls with wholesome breakfast grains and good-for-you soups, I’m suggesting something a little different this time: prayers and blessings. Near the end of January, I attended an online event hosted by Elsie Kerns, a wellness educator with over 20 years of training and expertise in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The seminar was called Prayer Bowl Blessings & Healing. It was a free event and will continue this month on Wednesday, February 28. I’ve already signed up for the second class; here’s why…

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I registered for the class in January, but with the start of a new year and some leftover stress from the holidays and other ongoing weird ways of the world, I decided that some self-care might be in order. It couldn’t hurt, right? So at the appropriate hour, I followed Elsie’s link to the online class. Despite the electronic distance, I felt immediately welcome and connected. Elsie is a pro at providing real value to her online audiences, making them feel “present” and making sure every minute counts. Her classes are always available for replay once you register, so she takes into account your availability and is very accommodating.

Last month we began with Elsie’s guided, nondenominational meditation and then received instructions on how to create our own prayer bowls. We drew the sign of infinity (the number 8 on its side, remember) on a sheet of paper and placed it between ourselves and our chosen bowl. It was a simple, symbolic gesture, but as the class went on, its significance grew. That evening, I was one of over 200 people from across the globe who drew that symbol and began entering prayers into their bowls at the appointed time. The only word to describe my feeling at that point is “powerful.”

To be honest, I had wondered if this class was just going to be a fleeting feel-good activity that would most likely fade from my busy life as quickly as it entered. But it didn’t. I’ve placed a new prayer for myself, the Earth and its people in that bowl nearly every day since the night of the first class. If I became angry over politics, I found a way to send out a prayer for help. If I saw a beautiful rose-glow sunset, I found myself scribbling “thank you” and tossing it into the bowl. If I felt confused and needed to figure something out, I wrote it down and tossed it into the bowl. Each prayer made me feel more in control and…here’s the miracle part…more connected to all those people. Almost as if they could hear me.

Am I promising you a miracle? Well, I don’t know… I think that depends on you and your belief and your willingness to try something new. You may find it doesn’t work for you. But—more importantly—you may find that it does enrich your life, ease your stress, and, yes, change the world for the better. I believe it does, and because Elsie is providing a common meeting place for everyone to pool their energy, I believe it is powerful. Nutrition comes in many forms, so you might think of this free online opportunity as a recipe for your spiritual wellbeing.

Here is the information on February’s class and Elsie’s description of what you will do:

blessing bowl

Prayer Bowl Blessings & Healing ~ Free Webinar

Register: https://prayerbowlfebruary.eventbrite.com

Wednesday, February 28th

8pm EST, 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST

From Elsie:

Step into the Universal Grid of Grace, Wisdom, and Healing with me on Wednesday, February 28 (times above). You will be creating your personal prayer bowl and placing into this sacred space the intentions for your healing and the healing of others. There is extraordinary power in group healing.

In preparation, select a bowl to reserve as your personal prayer bowl. Place this bowl close to post-it notes with a pen. You will write your healing needs on a post-it note first and place in the bowl and then add a post-it note that holds the intentions of the group on the webinar. Each day, you can renew the intentions and hold the bowl for personal, group and global healing.

I will be leading you through a guided meditation and the prayers spoken are all non-denominational. The monthly Prayer Bowl Blessings & Healing webinars will be recorded and available for review even if you can’t make the time and date selected. Let us know about your miracles!

So… interested? I realize that some people are more open to these ideas than others, so whatever works for you. No worries. I just wanted to offer up a recipe for wellness of a different sort. We can all use support from each other; that’s for certain. Whether you are fixing your family a bowl of corn chowder or a mushroom casserole, joining friends for a healthy walk in the crisp winter air or sending out a prayer for healing to the Universe, you are contributing to wellness in world. And the world appreciates you. So i hope you register.

How Did I “Meet” Elsie?

Years ago, during my quest for personal wellness and peace, I stumbled upon two wonderful women: Pam Younghans and Elsie Kerns. Pam is an astrologer who, in my opinion, has a direct connection to the center of energy in our Universe. I am a dedicated reader of her weekly Northpoint Astrology journal and a regular attendee of her teleclasses. Elsie Kerns works with Pam Younghans to set up teleclasses and host Facebook Live events, as well as conducting her own classes and seminars.

Elsie’s work includes wellness presentations, including classes at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies; Drexel’s graduate program in Complementary and Integrative Medicine and Camden County College’s Holistic Health Institute.

Elsie’s passion is teaching and her goal is to empower clients with easy, effective and practical stress solutions. As Elsie will tell you, “These self-care healthy lifestyle options restore, revitalize and renew one’s energy and passion for life.” She offers private consultations, workplace seminars and online classes.

Some examples of her self-healing and self-empowering tools include:

  • Wellness for Life with Energy Medicine
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Healings ~ Simple, Powerful and Restorative
  • Manifesting Abundance in Tough Time
  • Mind-body balancing with the tapping skills of Emotional Freedom Technique™

Elsie is also a founding partner in Wellness Workers Holistic Health, successfully serving the community since 1995.

You can learn more about Elsie on her website Wellness with Elsie and by friending her on Facebook. She and Pam Younghans just finished a Facebook Live event on last Thursday’s partial solar eclipse. If you are curious about astrology, you can discover more about Pam Younghans at Northpoint Astrology.

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