Summer should be a time to slow down, savor the flavors and scents of this glorious, sun-drenched season. But busy-ness seems to know no boundaries. When the world is “too much with us,” when we have that dreaded early-morning meeting, when we have to get dinner on despite our exhaustion at the end of the workday, when the chickens must be fed, when the cows must be milked, when the world will not stop turning, maybe we should…. just sit for a minute and eat a cookie. Amazing how that changes things.

Cookies are a favorite food of mine. Yours too? Huh. But there are cookies and then there are COOKIES. I’m not much for junk food—not when there is so much authentic food around. And I’m certainly not big on “from-the-package” eating. So a simple-to-make, actually nutritious, homemade cookie is a “real” treat. And here’s one that is sure to please, featuring strawberries (but not the rhubarb) from my visit to Biver Farm. It will become one of your favorites too, I think, even when you’re too busy to cook. Your little market sprouts will certainly thank you.



Strawberry Cookie Dough on Sheet

Using parchment paper will make cleanup a breeze. Keep the cookie dough chilled and you will avoid unwanted spreading as they bake.