Before we permanently close the door on 2015, I’d like to share my personal winner for Birthday Cake of the Year. Several of our good friends have birthdays in December, and—not surprisingly—often get overlooked amid the Christmas commotion. So in our group, we try to make those milestone special—even if they end up part of the holiday festivities. We all are pretty good cooks, so birthday cakes show up everywhere.

For my New Year’s Eve party, I surprised our friends Deb and Norm with a sophisticated and decadent birthday cake fit to ring in their new years and the planet’s. I’d love to share it with you—my 2015 birthday cake winner. Inspiration from a March 1999 issue of Bon Appetite.


So as we move into 2016, thinking about “coming clean,” we say goodbye for a while to decadent enchantment… but not forever. Who can resist making people you love smile like this? There’s healthy for the body… and then there’s healthy for the soul.

blowing out candles

Happy Birthday, Deb and Norm! May the next year be as sweet as this cake!