This recipe began as many of my recipes do–with a leftover. In this case, I had an extra quarter-cup of pumpkin puree with nowhere to go. You see, you can’t buy a two-cup pumpkin for your pie—you buy a pumpkin, roast, puree, strain and measure. Being one of the best food values going, an average pumpkin will yield up to 10 cups of puree. Really, one nice-sized pumpkin is all you need for cookies, pies, soups and cakes during the holiday months. But sometimes, there’s a little bit extra.

Staring at my quarter cup and vowing not to waste it, I decided to just throw it into the morning oatmeal, but then…I was inspired…by the New Hope Network Blogger Box! Not exaggerating one bit here, two of my all-time favorite New Hope Network Blogger Box items are Elmhurst Cashew Milk and Gaia Herb Golden Milk Powder. I use them at least once a week all winter to make a splendid turmeric-laced cup of comfort. I’ve even enhanced my original version of this healthy warm drink by steeping it with a mixture of my own herbs and spices.

And then, I decided to take it to another level by developing Golden Pumpkin Oats. After a couple of tries I had it just where I wanted it to be. I think it will become a favorite on your winter breakfast table, too. Fairly quick to prepare, incredibly wholesome and warm. Enjoy the golden glow!


Chai Spice Mix

(Makes about one cup that will keep indefinitely in a jar with a tight lid that is stored in a dark cool spot.)
You need about an eighth of a cup of the following spices and herbs, which you can adjust to suit your own tastes:

  • Dry bay leaves
  • Candied ginger pieces, diced
  • Whole cardamom pods
  • Whole allspice berries
  • Whole black peppercorns
  • Whole cloves (probably a little less of the cloves, if you are like me)
  • Crushed up cinnamon stick (You need soft cinnamon stick, not cassis.)

Good News! I just learned in my Sierra Club Magazine that Elmhurst has expanded their line of nut beverages to include a variety of hemp creamers—there’s even a golden milk favor. Yeah! It’s on my shopping list. How about you?