Spotlighting pork for October was not a hard decision. I loved featuring Blaine Bilyeu, the owner of Papa’s Pasture, who can really “farm like a girl”. Recommending some sweet treats that parents will love for the Halloween crowd also made me feel really good about the posts this month. But when all was said and done, Pulled Pork, Ginger and Beer Baby Backs, and Bacon Candy, left me… kinda hungry. Not much here for the vegetarian, I thought.

And then, green apples came in at market. Not just any green apples—Granny Smiths from Daydream Farm—my all-time favorite. I was already planning to serve a slaw with the pulled pork, but now my creative apple juices were really flowing. I started with a recipe suggested by my BFF Mary Lynn and ended up with a fall slaw that even had Don asking for seconds.

One thing to note: Mary Lynn had sent me a gift of a delicious white balsamic vinegar that is laced with honey and ginger, produced by Monadnock Oils and Vinegars of New Hampshire. (I know I’ve mentioned this company before.) She suggested using it here instead of the original vinegar suggestion, and, of course, she was correct. The Monadnock white balsamic added an extra layer of subtle flavor that simple vinegar would not. If you can’t find a similar product, try the Artisan Fermented Honey from Glorybee Foods that was featured in September’s New Hope Blogger Box of Recommended Products. You’ll need to add about a teaspoon of grated fresh ginger, and I would suggest trimming the sugar to two tablespoons… or maybe even leaving it out, since this dressing ends up very sweet as it is.


Don really loved this slaw as a topper for the pulled pork. I thought it was equally good just on its own. Not to mention, this is an incredibly healthy dish, even with the sugar, which you could leave out, if you were so inclined.