Berry season is near perfection in the month of June in farm country. One berry arrives and as it is making its exit another appears…like magic, of course. It is the season of iced tea on the front porch, picnics and patio dinners. What better way to celebrate summer than with a sweet buttery muffin filled with freshly made market jam…or your own jam, if you are of a mind.  

My newest lemon jam-filled muffins have a special richness and buttery sweetness that comes from the use of buttermilk and corn flour (not corn meal) juxtaposed with bright berry jam. It is, as muffins go, an industrious recipe, requiring a bit of work. But it is delicious served cold from the refrigerator on a hot summer day. So bake these up in the cool of the morning when time is leisurely. When you are ready to serve, they will be ready too! 


Muffin Mastery—technique is key

So these muffins may seem a little fussy, especially on a warm, lazy sunny day. But this technique of having everything at room temperature (especially the butter, buttermilk and eggs), mixing groupings of ingredients up front, alternating dry and wet ingredients, and doing the final mixing by hand are what bakers have been doing for years in order to yield a magically moist, light texture. Be patient and brave!

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