One of my favorite winter greens are those cute little cabbages know as Brussel sprouts. They are easy to fix in a million ways and bring a real freshness to wintertime meals. They are a family favorite with us now, but that used to not be the case. Years ago when I was much, much less experienced in the kitchen I tried boiling them, steaming them—all to everyone’s disappointment. Then I found recipes for shredding them and sautéing them. That changed everything.

Brussel sprouts always end up on holiday menus, whether shredded and sautéed or roasted and caramelized. So I’m sharing a newer recipe here, one that also includes red-skinned potatoes. Actually any white potato will do, but the red skins make a festive presentation, so go with those if available.

The other plus for this particular recipe is that it is super easy, can be made ahead a bit and is done entirely on the stovetop, leaving your oven free for turkeys, chickens or hams. The Sprouts and Spuds pair beautifully with holiday meats, but we vegetarians can make a meal of them. Makes great leftovers too, maybe served with eggs for a light dinner. So make a bunch—easily doubled as long, as your chef’s skillet is big enough. Let’s get started!


And that’s it! The taste is far more sophisticated than the preparation would suggest. It’s the maple and butter at the end, I think. There is a balance that happens at that point that is really special. Also, the lemon is critical because it creates a freshness with the herbs and zest that will complement the richer, heavier foods on the table. Very light and flavorful.

Holidays should not be stressful, but, of course, good luck with that. I have spent a lot of hours in the kitchen making complicated dishes for the holiday table or other special occasions. They were delicious, but simple can be just as tasty. This dish speaks to that concept for sure.