Everyone knows that summer is my absolute favorite season. One of the reasons why is the abundance of summer fruits, especially the stone fruits—the peaches, plums, nectarines. Soft, sweet and dripping down your chin. Mmmmm. So once Friedel Family Farm started loading their market table with all these luscious fruits, I was inspired to develop a few recipes. I am particularly proud of this galette because it came together with a lovely flavor balance of semi tart fruits—plums, peaches and blackberries nestled in a super-short sugar cookie crust.

I chose a galette instead of a tart because this buttery sugar cookie dough is traditionally used as a pat-in-the-pan crust, almost impossible to roll out without a lot of care. The free-form galette is much more forgiving. So you could turn this into a pat-in-the-pan fruit tart, if you wanted. Up to you, just realize baking time/temp might differ from what I have prepared below. Also, I found it advisable to roast my plums and make my galette dough a day ahead. Separate the roasted plums from their juice (There will be a LOT of juice, which is good!), and refrigerate overnight.  Chilling the dough overnight is a  must, too. Be brave…and hungry! Here we go….


roasted plums and plum juice side by side ready for refrigeratorPlum Perfect Pointers

This galette holds a lot of possibilities. The plums make a great deal of excess juice, and it is doubtful you will use all the thickened sauce in this one recipe. So you’ve got at least enough, I think, to turn it into a peachy crisp, a fresh fruit pie or tart, or a fruity crostata (which is just another name for a galette). A little of this sauce, a little imagination from you, and a lot of those gorgeous summer stone fruits and berries. Here are some options from the blog—a pear crisp, which is suggested as a guide not a rule book, a savory sweet take on this pastry that uses caramelized onions and a blueberry and peach crostata.

The photo on the left gives you an idea of how the chilled plums and juice look. Note that the plum skins have all but pulled away on their own–easy peasy. Be sure you drain the plums a second time at this point, so the filling in the galette isn’t too runny.

Handy hint: It is also worth place a baking sheet or pie shield in the rack below your baking galette, since I experienced a spill with one of my creations. That extra insurance makes oven cleanup easier. More time to enjoy this galette!

Friedel Family Farm

And if you live in my neck of the woods, please support family farms like the good folks who grew my fruit. Friedel Family Farm is quite special—they grow the best pecans, for one thing. I have been filling my freezer, anticipating fall and winter baking. But these raw buttery nuts are loaded with antioxidants and enzymes that end up in all sorts of dishes, including the Overnight Goat Oats I recently posted. Like Friedel on Facebook and visit their stall at the Goshen Community Market. Fruit and nuts are just the beginning at Friedel. Fresh corn, market veggies and much more. Such sweet smiles to greet you, too. And it’s all local—their farm is on the Mississippi River Road in Batchtown, IL. So huge flavor and nutrition with low carbon footprint. Win win!