We are so close to Spring–so close to long walks, decent morning runs, day-trip hikes and noon-time picnics, you can almost taste it. And you can taste it! Because I have created the perfect vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free cookie that is just perfect for dropping in your basket or slipping in your backpack.

So you’re thinking “yeah, right.” Sounds healthy but maybe not yummy like a cookie. But it is! And here’s how I did it with a little help from two special friends.

Coconut Kitchen Toasted Coconut Spread and Family Garden No Sweetener Apple ButterRemember Angie Carl, the owner of My Coconut Kitchen? Her innovative flavored coconut spreads make many of my recipes over-the-top delicious—my Ground Cherry Chews, for instance. Here, her Toasted Coconut flavor (my personal favorite) provides the “buttery” richness in the seed cookie.

Then for the filling, I added my friend Jackie’s amazing homemade no-sugar apple butter to some hydrated mission figs. Jackie, the owner of The Family Garden in New Douglas, IL,  has been featured several times on this blog—she’s doing everything right on their small farm—she’s my egg supplier, pumpkin producer, jam and jelly queen and—most of all–my very good friend. She’s really hit the mark with this no-sugar apple butter, so if you can buy from Jackie in my area, do it! If you can’t connect with Jackie, go for the best, no-sweetener-added apple butter you can find. And let us know if you have a personal favorite!

Now let’s start those ovens and begin the cookies because we don’t want to miss one single sunshiny day!


filling in food processor

Here’s what that filling should look like once you process it. It’s thick and smooth, a tad challenging to spread.

Note that you can serve these cookies without filling, if that’s your preference. They are not super sweet but really rich. If you go for the filling, you’ll have extra, which can be quite nice as a jam at breakfast. Don slathered it all over a grilled pork patty. Whacha gonna do?

I also want to bring your attention to a good resource: One Green Planet. This is my go-to for stuff like the flax seed binder—they have a great page on this. Plus, they provide information on everything green—recipes, environmental news, current affairs that affect the planet. They are a top eco-friendly org that could use your support to keep going. Just a thought.

See you out on the trails! Let’s share a log and munch a cookie…yes?